Teresha Young - The Confidence Restyler™ - S.A.F.E. In Love programme
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S.A.F.E. In Love Programme

S.A.F.E. In Love Programme

Are you a single, successful, ambitious professional or entrepreneurial woman who is building a great life, career, or business?



BUT do you honestly often feel lonely? Are you starting to worry about the future and if you’ll meet “the one”?



Do you see people with their partner and you feel that something important is missing in your life?



Are you attending special events like weddings and noticing you’re one of the few still showing up single?



Do you dread going back to an empty home and it feels lonely for you when you go to bed at night? You start worrying “Is there something wrong with me? Why can’t I find the “right” partner?”



When you go on a date, you struggle to really connect with the person or they’re just not who you thought they’d be, and you feel frustrated and like a failure?



Maybe you can relate to the following:


⛔ You’ve prioritised your career or business over a relationship

⛔ You lack confidence and trust in the process of meeting someone and connecting deeply

⛔ You’re fed up with “adapting” or worried about settling for an average relationship by dating less successful, like-minded people

⛔ You’re sick and tired of being taken for granted

⛔ You’re feeling rejected and even heart-broken

⛔ You’re anxious that you’re going to end up being alone

⛔ You’ve not really understood the importance of your innate “feminine energy”

⛔ You’ve forgotten how to simply love being you


You would love to meet your ideal, most compatible partner who you can start sharing your life with. The big things and the little day-to-day things. A partner who understands, supports and appreciates you. Where you share similar interests and the same vision for the future. Someone who has ambition, drive and goals.


I hear you and I understand on a very deep level.


Why do most professional and entrepreneurial business owning women really struggle to have the dating and relationship life they want? Why is it so difficult for them to meet their ideal partner, where there is commitment, chemistry, connection, compatibility and emotional maturity?


How come my clients trustfully attract their ideal partner?


My name is Teresha Young, Accredited and Certified Relationship Master Coach.


Since 2016, I’ve been primarily helping single and coupled up professional and entrepreneurial women to confidently receive and achieve a loving relationship where they feel secure, alive and in their feminine energy, using ‘The 4C’s Blueprint™’.



Over the years I’ve shown thousands of women how to find a deeper understanding of themselves to set themselves up for dating and relationship success.


My signature transformational 3 month S.A.F.E. In Love programme has been created to guide you along the journey of having the relationship you deserve. This starts with you getting crystal clear on what you really desire in love and in a relationship. It starts with you understanding yourself, which isn’t always as easy as you might think, if you’ve never really spent much time thinking about it.


I believe that developing and achieving a loving relationship starts with knowing, trusting and loving yourself, which then sets the tone for the relationship you will have in the future.


I want to let you know that I have a very clear goal for you and anyone else I work with. This goal is to help you to achieve the relationship you desire and deserve through you having a blueprint that can be easily applied to your daily life.


As soon as you join the S.A.F.E. In Love programme, you are provided with numerous tools, skills and information that can radically help you make the changes in the relationship with yourself and with an ideal partner that you desire and these are proven to be extremely successful when taught.


By identifying the concrete tools you need to propel yourself to a point of clarity, you will step into your confidence and will be doing what fits with the greatest version of you, custom-made by you, based on my secret weapon: ‘The 4C’s Blueprint™’.


The results achieved through my help:


✅ Create undisputable attraction that lasts, confidently & effectively

✅ Restyle self-doubt and self-criticism into self-appreciation and a deep understanding of your lovability

✅ No more feeling like something is missing or unfulfilled. No confusion, frustration, or loneliness

✅ Have the loving, committed relationship you’ve always wanted


This programme is not for you if:


  • You’re not willing to give 100% commitment to start nurturing and achieving a self-loving relationship with yourself and having healthy relationships with an ideal partner
  • You expect overnight changes (investing in yourself and a relationship is an evolving lifestyle change)
  • You can’t stop any denial and can’t be completely honest about how you feel about yourself and the state of your dating and relationship experiences


This programme is for you if:


  • You realise that it’s not too late to nurture and achieve a self-loving relationship with yourself and a healthy relationship an ideal partner, but you need to take action now!
  • You’re open to receiving strategies to start the connection process with yourself and an ideal partner
  • You’re seeking clarity on what aspects of your self-love, love and relationships could be improved
  • You can forget what you think you know about managing relationships
  • You’re looking for a high-quality, caring, exciting, meaningful relationship based upon results, rather than empty promises
  • You desire to be happy and fulfilled
  • You’re prepared to be flexible on how you approach and interact with an ideal partner
  • You’re ready to be true and honest with yourself about yourself and get real about the problems in your past dating and relationship experiences, no matter how painful and uncomfortable this may be at first
  • You’re willing to take responsibility for what you bring to the table in a relationship and recognise that it is a new day!


I understand that right now you may be a little fearful, but if deep down you know that now is the time to embrace a new way of thinking, feeling and looking at yourself and a relationship…


AND you’re ready to make the 100% commitment necessary to having a loving relationship where you feel alive, safe and in your feminine energy, and you’re financially secure, I encourage you to invest in yourself TODAY and book a complimentary clarity call (up to 60-minute), using the booking calendar below to discover if we are a good fit to work together.


There’s no time better than now to take action. The price of staying in the same situation is so much worse than moving forward and I’m here to provide you with the support, love, care and means you need to restyle your relationship with yourself and to achieve the relationship you desire and deserve with an ideal partner!


I’m looking forward to supporting and connecting with you!


Public Figures/Celebrities – Email Confidentiality Agreements after your booking to letsconnect@tereshayoung.com


Teresha Xx


*Complimentary Clarity Call is via a video internet-based call up to 60-minutes. No charge, no obligation. Just your time, energy and a valuable one-to-one conversation*