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Voices Of Africa Collaboration!

Voices Of Africa Collaboration!

Voices Of Africa Collaboration!

In a world where voices too often go unheard, it is with deep gratitude and enthusiasm that I step into the role of “Auntie” for Liquid Barrier/Voices Of Africa, at the invitation of Frank Bryant! 🌍✨

Young African women have not always had the opportunity to express themselves as freely and as often as they might like–or may not have had the opportunity or platforms to do so.

This is why I’m honoured to now support a platform that serves as a vehicle for young African women to express their perspectives.

An opportunity to discuss important topics as environment/climate change and sustainability, politics, health/reproductive care, technology, economics, and education—only to name a few 💬📢

So, who are Aunties and what’s our involvement?

Liquid Barrier/Voices Of Africa platform ‘Aunties’ are career senior, business domain experts ‘women of colour.’ They primarily reside in countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States.

🌷 We are vital in driving, leading, and managing the Liquid Barrier/Voices Of Africa platform.

🌟  We can serve as potential mentors to the platform’s young African women or ‘Voices’ and can play a leadership role in helping to shape and implement the platform’s strategy, goals, and objectives, which involve amplifying the voices and experiences of young African women.

🌷 We can also participate in the platform’s LinkedIn Audio Events, in which we can join other ‘women of colour’ subject matter experts in discussing matters that resonate with young African women, African women, and other ‘women of colour’ 🌟💼

I’m truly passionate about being an advocate for promoting a world where every story is valued and every perspective cherished. A place where every voice is empowered to create lasting change.

All of our narratives, dreams, and aspirations matter. When shared, we can establish a more inclusive future for us all 💖🌈

To discover more about the Voices Of Africa mission here: CLICK HERE

Thank you, Frank, for this incredible opportunity to contribute to the Voices Of Africa! 🌷

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With Love

Teresha Xx

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