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“Teresha has a beautiful spirit, and her energy is infectious. She is committed to adding value to the lives of others and demonstrates this daily on social media. I had the pleasure of supporting Teresha to set the foundations for her coaching business and she is truly passionate about the work she has been called to do. Teresha is not only qualified to help you on your journey, she is invested in helping you restyle your way of life with confidence.”


Danielle McDonald
The Clarity Architect & Founder of Brands of Colour

Professional recommendation from Paul Goodridge, Divisional Director at VINCI Facilities who I had the great opportunity of working with during my HR career:

“Teresha, is a dynamic and intelligent HR professional. Who is always willing to go the extra mile for the team. A great team player who provides practical and thorough advice. An asset to any team”


Paul Goodridge
Divisional Director at VINCI Facilities

“Teresha gave me courage to have a bit of faith and just go out there”

“Before I worked with Teresha, I had it in my view that everything was fine with me not having that someone in my life. I have to admit, it shocked me what I came away from the call with. It took me by surprise what came to the surface, through Teresha’s directed questioning. Her support and guidance gave me the confidence to actually talk and open up, during which I realised how important gaining a relationship is for me.

When you feel you are just going to get rejection all the time, but then you have Teresha go “what if the next chance you take is the chance you need to take” – you can’t say much more on that? It just said to me, stop making excuses, I deserve this.

Whilst working with Teresha, I came to know that there isn’t anything wrong with feeling the need to have someone. I feel relieved and actually feel I am worth loving by someone, excluding my family and friends. I feel I deserve a companion in life and it’s ok to ask for it and want it. To have faith in humans a bit more and to also take that chance.

Working with Teresha gave me energy to really put my goals into action. Knowing that Teresha is going to touch base with me, to ensure I have taken my steps is a huge thing for me. I usually monitor everything that I do, but having someone say “ok, did you move forward?”… I know I’ll have to answer that and have a good reason why I haven’t.

I would and have already recommended Teresha’s services to people I know. Her calming nature is great and also her reassurance was especially welcoming. Even when I did hit an emotional aspect on the phone, she just gave a soft tone – not a word, but a reassurance that she was there and it was ok to have that moment of breakdown. For the first time it was nice to not have a wall around me and allow it to come down. I think people need that.

I felt comfortable with opening up and allowing my desires to sound real. I think we can say them in our head and mind, but when you speak them, you want them even more.

Teresha gave me courage to have a bit of faith and just go out there… that I have nothing to lose in a sense, but I have everything to gain.”



“Now I’m motivated and ready to smash my goals”

“I had no hesitations about working with Teresha whatsoever. The experience was great, during which I gained clarity on what it was that I needed to do within in the couple of days following the call to get my plans underway. Before I worked with Teresha, I was confused and unmotivated and now I’m motivated and ready to smash my goals. I’m definitely feeling better within myself because I know that I can do it.

I would definitely recommend Teresha’s services to anyone that I know is maybe stuck at a “roadblock” or unsure of what to do next, because she opened my eyes and I know others could benefit from her advice and guidance. She is very understanding and can definitely help people change their lives.”

Tyrone Y

“I moved to a state of clarity over what needed to be done next”

“I had the pleasure of working with Teresha in the beautiful surroundings of Babylon at The Roof Gardens in Kensington, pink flamingos walking around the gardens and all!

I was apprehensive as to how formal it would be, but it was a delight, simply me talking over lunch and Teresha gently asking questions and guiding the conversation.

I moved from a state of confusion over how to implement certain new learnings into my business’s strategies, to a state of clarity over what needed to be done next. She used a deceptively simple analogy of the number of brown plates versus white plates in the restaurant to illustrate it. It has stuck with me since and has produced tangible benefits already.

I would heartily recommend working with Teresha to anyone looking for a breakthrough. I realised that there were some things I was doing which were holding me back. I could not see past some prior experiences, and was not effectively learning from them. This has now changed and I couldn’t be happier with the result!”

Graham S
Director of SoulTrading Capital

“I can now look at achievable actions with clarity and confidence to move forward with them”

“I was unsure at first what I would gain from working with Teresha. I’m good at making decisions and running with them, doing everything to make sure the end result is achieved.

Despite this, I would say the most valuable thing I took away from working with Teresha was realising that not everything can be accomplished straight away. Sometimes I need to remember to start small and make a note of what needs to be achieved. The bigger picture always looks good but remembering to slow down slightly and give a deadline for those goals, creates an achievable action plan!

I now feel able to make my decisions at a slower pace, confidently look at the smaller steps without the worry of going too slow (in my head) to get to my end result. I can now look at achievable actions with clarity and confidence to move forward with them.

I would always write things down and had ideas in my head which I sometimes would forget to write down. But working with Teresha has really encouraged and motivated me to ensure I do it! In order to have the confidence to move forward with any issue, we need to see where we could do better. It is so important to find the clarity and gain confidence for yourself, to move forward. Teresha helped me to understand areas, where I could do better, for a more effective result.

I found it to be a good experience that wasn’t too serious. The Confidence Restyler™ can still have a chat with you. It can be informal or formal, but you will feel very comfortable talking to Teresha. I would highly recommend working with Teresha to all, because we could all benefit from a chance to build up self-esteem, increase confidence and have a source of encouragement to change the way we do things.”

Antoinette C

“People really could benefit from regular sessions like this to overcome certain issues”

“Teresha is a trusting person and very knowledgeable, with great ideas to overcome any issues and this is what I was looking for. I was very upset that people had the perception that I am an aggressive person. However I knew where this perception was coming from as I am quite a strong minded person and some people could find this intimidating. I therefore needed some clarity on how I could communicate more effectively.

As we spent time working through my concern, I became more open during working with Teresha to better my communication per email and phone and we defined the steps to achieve this.

I hugely benefited from the action points, as I am a quite a hands on person and need some guidance in order to commit to something. In particular, I really liked the idea to merge the Sarah outside work with the Sarah inside work, in order to show a softer side of myself and be more approachable if someone needs any help.

I would recommend working with Teresha, because I think people really could benefit from regular sessions like this to overcome certain issues.
Thank you Teresha. You convinced me that coaching is actually quite valuable :)”

Sarah K
Team Leader Operations at Kodak Ltd & Network Marketing Professional

“I now have a better view of looking at things and how to focus positively”

“Teresha is open and understanding to speak to. People should know that they won’t be judged when working with her.

I decided to work with Teresha as I was unsure about a few issues. Teresha worked with me to get clearer on those issues and I now have a better view of looking at things and how to focus positively. I left with the drive to always keep the vision positively good and clear and to remain in a good vibe.

I would confidently recommend working with Teresha to anyone who is looking to gain a better understanding of their life, so they can be reminded that if you focus on something and feel it, you can achieve it!”

R Mitchell

“I would highly recommend working with Teresha to those who are interested in self-development or enhancing their relationships”

“Before I worked with Teresha, I was apprehensive about my current relationships and was looking to build my confidence and overall social awareness. I was concerned about how effectively Teresha and I would communicate and get on and with each other. However, whilst working with Teresha, my concerns were alleviated, as I was able to discuss my thoughts and feelings in a non-judgemental environment. I enjoyed being able to explore ideas and concerns I had whilst receiving feedback and useful suggestions.

After working with Teresha, I now feel I have more insight and it was certainly useful for building up my confidence and social awareness.

The most important thing about working with Teresha in my mind would be the importance of honesty and being open minded. I think we can all be guarded towards other people because of concerns about how we will be perceived. It’s good to be open where appropriate and it’s useful to explore ideas from multiple perspectives.

If there was one thing I could take away from working with Teresha, it would be that communication is key. I found the document Teresha sent me after the first session particularly useful as a reminder of the importance of body language, and its influence on mental states and emotions particularly. For example not just saying something like I value you but also mirroring that by being physically open.

I would highly recommend working with Teresha to those who are interested in self-development or enhancing their relationships. This is for people who have the maturity and time to reflect on their behaviour and outlook on life.”

Lai O