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How to Stay Forever Young in Your Relationship

How to Stay Forever Young in Your Relationship

Without meaning to sound rude, how old are you?

Ever had those moments when you feel old?

Maybe you’ve been out to the movies or a bar/restaurant and it’s filled with younger people and you start to feel slightly prehistoric!

Or you may have those days when you wish you were young again?

I’ve certainly had those moments when I’m filling out a survey and I have to tick that I’m in “that age bracket!”



We’ve all heard the popular sayings that “age isn’t anything but a number” and “you’re only as old as you feel”.

Yeah yeah… Sounds cliché?

But have you ever stopped to consider that there might actually be some truth behind this?

Should we be putting that dreaded number to one side and instead, focusing on how old we FEEL?

Research has shown that chronological age is not the most accurate representation of our own perception. Our true age is not just the number of years we have lived.

A more accurate representation is to understand and measure the subjective age – how young or old an individual FEELS. Characteristics such as health (physical, mental & emotional) and cognitive function all contribute to how young or how old we feel.

To add to this, how young or old we feel can be linked to the actions we then decide to take, our behaviours and the choices we make in all aspects of our life, including our romantic relationships.

For example, we may see only limited opportunities in old age if we think we have fewer years left to live and we therefore do not create and take the opportunities that come our way to have a satisfying, fulfilling relationship.

If we FEEL optimistic about our future in our younger years, it’s likely we will seek to grow and develop our skills and talents and also strive to attain exciting relationship goals, dreams and desires.

Therefore our perception of time is crucial.

This consequentially affects our thoughts and feelings about our romantic relationships.

Whilst we may measure time objectively, for example, by hour or year, our perceptions of time passed may be different depending on whether we are in a happy, interesting and exciting relationship (and we feel that time flies) or an unhappy, boring and unfulfilling relationship (when time stands still).

Theophrastus is quoted as saying:

“Time is the most 
valuable thing 
a man can spend”

So in a nutshell… Perhaps age is more than our date of birth and it really does matter how young or how old you FEEL.

If this is the case, best we spend our time wisely and live a vibrant life with our partner that makes us feel younger!

It would be great to hear your thoughts on the ageing process in the comment section below.

  • Do you agree that age isn’t anything but a number?
  • How old do you FEEL?
  • How are you spending your time with your partner, so you can make the best use of it?


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