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Know Your Purpose: Whose Life Are You Living?

Know Your Purpose: Whose Life Are You Living?

Let’s get one thing straight… there is only one YOU! You are EXCLUSIVE. You are UNIQUE and you are on this earth for a reason! This reason is to LIVE A LIFE OF PURPOSE AND ON PURPOSE!

But what does that actually mean?

What ARE you all about?

  1. What is your purpose?
  2. Why are you here?
  3. What gift(s) / talent(s) are you meant to give to yourself, others and the planet?
  4. How are you going to set the world on fire with your awesomeness?


Diamond Clarity Alert! Sometimes we feel very clear on what our purpose is, what our passions are and what we desire our lives to look like. Sometimes we think we know what we desire, but we’re actually going after the dreams and goals that someone else set in us based on what they thought we should desire and do.

So, to be sure, ask yourself: “Whose life are you living? Are you in actual fact living someone else’s life?

Well, it’s never too late to make a change…

First of all, the fact that you’re here matters! The key to finding your purpose starts with getting crystal clear on what you really desire in your life and what makes you happy which isn’t always as easy as you might think, if you’ve never really spent much time thinking about it.

Happiness is one of the most attractive traits we can possess and is true for long term relationship success; be it professional, family, platonic or romantic. For this reason, focusing on you and your purpose is critical in what kind of relationship you have, because you must take care of you before you can take care of others.

Finding your purpose isn’t about looking at what’s “out there.” You have to go “in there,” to a place deep within you. It’s about pursuing things that make you happy.

  • What brings out your best energy?
  • What really interests you?
  • How can you make an impact doing what you love?
Pursue those things that release your energy and joy!

Unfortunately, many people do not find their true happiness or fulfill their purpose or they take it for granted. Sometimes they set it aside because of demands placed them or once they form a new relationship. They therefore end up living a life of dissatisfaction, a life of not reaching their fullest potential. You can choose otherwise.

This is your happiness and success in life and in your relationships and it’s finally time you own it! When your mind finds and clearly understands your unique purpose, it vibrates through your entire being. Consequently, it feels so damn good and you will have so much joy fulfilling it. You might even find you have more than one purpose! Imagine that!

Finding your purpose is liberating and once you’ve discovered your purpose, begin to also think about how it can be shared with others:

Diamond Clarity Nugget: Living is Giving!

Sharing your gifts and talents will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. Life flows with effortless ease when you allow yourself to not only receive, but also to give. It is said that community and connectedness form the common thread amongst the happiest people.

So why not step into a role of giving, connect with others and allow your talents to shine!

Diamond Clarity Nugget: Envision your life purpose and intend to live it!

To conclude… direct your goals, dreams and desires to a point where you will be taking the actions to live your discovered purpose. Hold your purpose high in your thoughts fearlessly every day, and your life and relationships will move in the right direction for you!

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With Love

Teresha, The Confidence Restyler™ Xx


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