Teresha Young - Relationship Master Coach - My Story
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My Story

Who Is She?!


I’m over the moon that you have discovered my website. I believe that nothing happens by coincidence or by chance, so there’s an exciting, synchronized reason why you’ve come here.


Like many others, I’ve had my fair share of setbacks and dramas in life. I have had painful situations that left me feeling hopeless, vulnerable and unloved. From my youth to adult life, there always seemed to be some challenge or obstacle that knocked me down and the process of rising again was slow or the issue continued to run behind the scene.


For as long as I can remember, I was the child (the eldest of four children) left tangled up in my parents’ disconnected relationship. A relationship where my mother was physically, emotionally and psychologically abused by my father. A relationship filled with cheating scandals, where my father had numerous romantic affairs and fathered at least 5 children with 5 other women whilst my mother, for her own understandable reasons, stayed with him. I could go on, but I’ll save this for another day…


I couldn’t understand why Mummy and Daddy couldn’t be happy together and this left me scared, helpless and confused. As a child I thought this would be my future. I thought there was no hope of ever having a happy relationship. After nearly 30 years of this misery, my mother finally stepped into her confidence and said “NO MORE!” My father was not going to change, so she knew she had to. Now, that took some courage and gave me great insight on how to overcome a dysfunctional relationship.


In my own love life, when I finally decided to give love a go despite what I had seen growing up, I experienced what felt like the deepest sadness and heartache in my life in 2008, when a long term relationship did not work out. I thought we had a strong, mutually happy, loving and everlasting relationship. This was not the case. My then partner decided to call it a day after many years together and I just did not see it coming. It punched me straight between the eyes and I was out for the count. It opened up a whole can of worms, where old and new issues surfaced. I was drowning. I could not cope. It was true… “I could not be loved. All men were the same” (a huge unfair generalisation I now know). I did not want to be here in this world and did not see the point of living. Looking back, I had completely missed the signs. Had I have noticed them and sought professional help at the time, I could have taken the steps needed to rescue my relationship. I was too slow and my relationship crumbled away without me even knowing why.


However, this changed in late 2010, when I experienced a ‘shift’…


The ‘shift’ was an awakening; a breakthrough where I formed a connection with a new positive energy flow. I had a renewed determination to achieve happiness and a life of harmony and meaning.


I realised I deserved much more than what I was going through and I was going to do something about it! I was going to RESTYLE MY WAY OF LIFE! I was going to have a HEALTHY, FULFILLING, LOVING RELATIONSHIP with MYSELF! I was going to live life differently and CONFIDENTLY!


And let me tell you, from that moment I decided to gain back control, my life has transformed!


So here I am today…


From these two situations I have shared with you and countless others, believe me… I completely understand self-love, love, life and relationship issues… assisting and empowering people just like you.


I Hear You, See You and Feel You


My journey has been an enlightening and exciting one of empowerment, however, no journey would be truly fulfilling if I were unable to share my experiences and the actions I’ve taken to make it happen.


I know my calling is to help and joyfully serve as many people as I can. What better gift can there be than to help others understand how amazingly beautiful life truly is? To positively impact on and make a difference in the lives of others? To give back to those who are perhaps going through the “turmoil” I endured, so I can share my lessons, learnings and discoveries?


I have therefore assigned myself a mission:


As an Accredited and Certified Relationship Master Coach, I’m here to show you how to step into your confidence, find your voice and be the best version of you! All that I teach is all that I have learned and is aimed to educate you on what it takes to change your approach, so you can have a healthy, fulfilling, loving relationship with yourself and with others in any relationship; be it romantic, family, friends, professional or acquaintance. 



I appreciate that much of what I teach is easy to understand, yet some people may feel it’s not so simple to implement into their daily life.


However, I have spent years becoming skilled and experienced in the areas of coaching, personal development, self-confidence and in how to have a true connection with oneself, as well as with others. All of which have led me to having incredibly fulfilling and healthy relationships AND not to mention, developing a new profound love for myself!


And I can help you to achieve the same.


Time is ticking… If you’re having self-love, love, life or relationship problems, click the button below for more information on working with me. I am here to help and let’s see what I can do to assist you as soon as possible.



I look forward to supporting you in finding the happiness and connection you truly desire and deserve in your relationships.


Teresha Xx


Teresha has almost two decades of experience developing, coaching and mentoring individuals and is an IAPC&M Accredited & Certified Master Coach, alongside being Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) qualified. She also holds qualifications in Life Coaching, Counselling Skills, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Body Language, Reiki 1 and 2 and Equality & Diversity.