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Redefined and Driven – Unlimit Your Limits Episode

Redefined and Driven – Unlimit Your Limits Episode

🎧👏🏾 Find me on iTunes and Spotify with Grace Nelson! 🎧👏🏾

I had the amazing opportunity to be recently interviewed by Grace Nelson, The Empoweress for her ‘Redefined and Driven – Unlimit Your limits’ podcast! 🎉

Grace is such an inspiring and kind-hearted woman, with an incredible desire to help as many women as she can around the world to make big shifts in how they show up in both life and business! 😁

The podcast shines a light on those who are able to turn their pain into their biggest credential 🌟

In this ‘Bitter Sweet Beginnings’ episode, I reveal my very open and vulnerable story, where we talk about domestic violence, cheating, an unhappy school life and… suicide; all of which set me on my path of doing what I passionately do today, as a Relationship Master Coach 🤗

I share tips on how you can smash through any limiting beliefs and struggles that are stopping you from achieving your fullest and highest potential, so you can claim the life you truly desire and deserve! 😍

If you’re looking to live your BEST life… this is an episode to tune in to! 🤩

You can listen on iTunes: CLICK HERE

Or Spotify: CLICK HERE

I would love for you to take a listen, as it might just be what you need to hear right now or possibly might help someone you know 🤗


If you would like tips and strategies on how you can achieve your relationship goals, simply click the ‘Download Now’ button below to get access to my FREE eBooks.

I hope you found this episode to be valuable and encouraging. I would love to hear your thoughts on it! Do you have a ‘Bitter Sweet Beginnings’ story that you would like to share with us? Are you taking care of YOU? Simply click ‘like’ and please do let me know in the comments box below. 

Also, why not consider sharing it with somebody who could benefit from reading this too? After all #SharingIsCaring

Do you need help dealing with any personal struggles or unlimiting your limits? I’d be more than happy to help you work through these, so you can be the GREATEST version of YOURSELF! All you have to do is CLICK HERE and we can chat more about this!

With Love

Teresha, The Confidence Restyler™ Xx

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