Interview with BBC Radio Berkshire - Teresha Young - The Confidence Restyler™
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Interview with BBC Radio Berkshire

Interview with BBC Radio Berkshire

Interview with BBC Radio Berkshire

I’m delighted to share that I had the honour of being invited by BBC Radio Berkshire to be a guest on their PODWATCH segment last Friday, May 3rd!

It was an incredible conversation where we discussed my podcast, ‘REAL-ationship Talk: The Podcast,’ the most popular topics and the inspirational stories shared by guests on the show 🎙

During the interview, I also spoke about the show’s most recent episode, ‘This Happens When You STOP Denying Your Health,’ with the awesome Greg Fearon and absolutely made sure to shout out his own fabulous ‘The Empowered Body Podcast’ 🔥

I’ve known Greg for several years now and he has an extensive background in Nutrition, Exercise and Coaching and works with successful women who want to uplevel their health to match their goals in life. Do check him out and connect with him ✨

You can catch my conversation with BBC Radio Berkshire here (approx. 4 mins long at 2:45:25 mins into the show): CLICK HERE

🚨 But hurry! It’s only available for 30 days after May 3rd!

Hope you enjoy listening! 🌷🎧

🎙 P.S. REAL-ationship Talk: The Podcast is available here: CLICK HERE, where you will be nourished with open, non-judgmental, heart-to-heart conversations about love, self-love/self-care, dating, and relationships 🎙

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With Love

Teresha Xx

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