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How To Overcome Low Self-Confidence To Have Successful Relationships

How To Overcome Low Self-Confidence To Have Successful Relationships

First Question: How do you rate your self-confidence? 🤔

Second Question: Is low self-confidence impacting your relationships? 🤔

It is often said that self-confidence is one of the most beautiful things you can wear.

So if that’s the case, what exactly is self-confidence?

If you do a quick search online, you will have it returned that it’s a feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities and judgment.

It’s the opinion and beliefs we have about ourselves.

It’s how we value and see ourselves. How we feel about ourselves.

I think it’s fair to say we all have times when we lack confidence, the belief in our capabilities and don’t feel so good about ourselves.

Perhaps even those moments when we don’t feel good enough.

This can be considered low self-confidence and the things that affect our self-confidence differ for everyone.

It might change suddenly, or you might have had low self-confidence for a while.

However, if low self-confidence becomes a lasting problem, it can have a damaging effect on your mental health, your life and your relationships.

As your beliefs influence your actions, if you don’t feel good about who you are and what you do, the less motivation you’ll have to do what it takes to build your self-confidence.

This can become a vicious cycle.

What are signs of low self-confidence?

Perhaps you:

💎 Don’t like and value yourself as a person or feel you aren’t good enough?

💖 Aren’t able to make decisions and assert yourself in your relationships?

💎 Don’t recognise your strengths and positive attributes?

💖 Feel unable to try new or difficult things and avoid challenging situations?

💎 Don’t show kindness towards yourself or make the time you need for yourself?

💖 Often make great sacrifices for others to your own detriment, which leads to you settling in loveless and unhappy relationships and life situations, at the loss of your true bliss and fulfilment and where your true essence doesn’t feel nurtured or nourished?

💎 Keep beating yourself up about past mistakes and blaming yourself unfairly?

💖 Stay away from all or certain social situations?

Whatever has affected your self-confidence, it’s important to remember that you have the right to feel good about who you are. You have the right to feel you can handle situations and challenges, so you can start moving yourself in a more positive direction!

It’s also vital to know that in order to have healthy, fulfilling, diamond-dazzling relationships, the relationship first starts with yourself. It starts with you knowing, loving and trusting yourself and building your self-confidence. This then sets the tone for the relationships of all kinds that you have now and in the future.

It’s a process and it might feel like it will be a difficult thing to do or you might not know where to begin. So here are:

  1. Recognise The Good Things

When you have low self-confidence, if might feel like a struggle or quite strange or uncomfortable to identify your successes and the positive things about you. But they do exist!

Making a list of your accomplishments and the positive aspects of you is a powerful way to improve your self-confidence, as it’s a great reminder of what you’ve done and who you are!

  1. Start Trusting Yourself

If you have low self-confidence, you may have lost trust in yourself.

This can happen for many reasons, sometimes after you make a “mistake,” don’t reach your goals or after someone criticises you severely or constantly.

You can lose trust in yourself when you feel rejected, unappreciated and not acknowledged.

One way to start building trust in yourself is to stand up to your inner critic.

We have different voices inside us. We have the loving, self-compassionate, empowering voice and then we have the inner critic…

That nagging voice that will argue, over-analyse, fault-find and criticise you and fight against the instructions of your heart desires.

Most of the time you don’t even know it’s at work. You just feel fear, doubt, low vibes and choose not to go further.

Start paying attention to your inner critic.

Because once you become deliberately aware of what you’re thinking and how you’re feeling, you can then stand up to your inner critic and replace those thoughts and beliefs with new healthy, empowering ones. 

  1. Build Positive Relationships

You may find there are certain people who tend to bring you down and being around them or having them in your mind, makes you feel worse, discouraged or negative about life.

Sometimes, we don’t even realise that spending time or giving energy to those type of relationships can knock our confidence.

Therefore, setting healthy boundaries is key!

Because if you say “Yes” to others or situations when you actually mean “No” and even allow yourself to be mistreated or feel low vibes because of others, then you are denying your own needs, fulfilment and happiness.

It’s time to say “no more” by ensuring you’re surrounding yourself with people who value you and can have a positive influence on your behaviour, feelings and attitude, as this is another way to improve your self-confidence.

Furthermore, when you, in turn, can positively influence and impact the lives of those around you in optimal ways and make a meaningful difference to those you interact with, this can supercharge your confidence levels!


This is not an overnight process and self-confidence takes time to build. Hence, go gently on you.

See if there is something you can do daily to get into the habit of having a confident mindset.

Because it’s your birth right to have confidence run through your DNA, so you can have the fullness of love, life and relationships of all kinds that you truly desire and deserve! 🙏🏽💎💖

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