Me My Health And I: How To Ease The Relationships Around You - Teresha Young - The Confidence Restyler™
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Me My Health And I: How To Ease The Relationships Around You

Me My Health And I: How To Ease The Relationships Around You

🎉 How To Ease The Relationships Around You 🎉

I recently had the absolute joy of being invited to be a guest on ‘Me My Health And I’ with Emilie Marie Berge! 🎉

Learning how to ease the relationships around us when we feel down can be key to recovery. Depression can be a deeply isolating experience, but if we are able to recognise the signs and reach out to others, we have a better chance to recover faster 🥰

This is a 4-part video series on ‘How To Ease The Relationships Around You’, where we talk about:

💎 My story and how I became a Relationship Master Coach
💖 How to create happy and harmonious relationships
💎 How to communicate with people when we feel down
💖 Conflict management

So many juicy gems were dropped in this conversation, so definitely NOT ONE TO MISS! ⚠️

You can access the episodes by clicking the link below:

4 Part Video Series: How To Ease The Relationships Around You

I hope it helps you and others you know in some way! 💎💖

If you would like tips and strategies on how you can achieve your relationship goals, simply click the ‘Download Now’ button below to get access to my FREE eBooks.

I’d really love to hear your thoughts on the episodes. We’ve received a huge diamond-dazzling response to the conversation! So firstly, which of the strategies and tips resonated with you? Secondly, what were your key takeaways? Simply click ‘like’ and please let me know in the comments box below. 

Also, why not consider sharing it with somebody who could benefit from reading this too? After all #SharingIsCaring

Do you need help with your communication style in your love, life and relationships (of all kinds)? If so, let’s see how I can help you. Simply CLICK HERE and we can chat more about this!

With Love

Teresha, The Confidence Restyler™ Xx

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