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How To Build & Keep Trust

How To Build & Keep Trust

Trust is one of the most fundamental parts of connecting with others and having diamond-dazzling, healthy and fulfilling relationships of all kinds.

When we think of trust and what it means, it can encompass many things.

One of the definitions of trust that you can find online is:

“To believe that someone is good and honest and will not harm you, or that something is safe and reliable.”

It’s the reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something.

However, trust can be broken so easily and quickly.

Have you had your heartbroken by someone you trusted?

Or have you been let down by someone you relied upon?

It takes less time to lose trust than to build it back up.

The rebuilding of trust takes time, patience and dedicated effort, just as it does to create it.

So wouldn’t it be great if trust was as natural as breathing!

Whether starting out or rebuilding trust, it is the cement which binds a strong connection. Without it, it can be difficult for relationships to develop and progress to a deeper level.

It can happen for different people at different speeds. And sometimes we can expect too much too soon.

If you’ve been hurt, disappointed or deceived in the past, it might take some time to trust again.

Or if you’re starting out new relationships – be it professional, family, friendships, romantic or acquaintance, understanding that building trust is a process is a crucial factor in managing expectations.

Trust is not built overnight, it has to be earned!

Focusing on the small steps and small commitments can make us become a trustworthy person and help us to trust again.

So here are ‘4 Key Ways To Build And Keep Trust’:

1. Integrity

Say what you mean and then mean what you say!

If you’re looking to build trust within your relationships, it’s important that you say things that you know you can and will follow through on.

Many times we can pick up on clues that another person isn’t being truthful.

Have you invited someone to an event and they’ve said “Yes, I’ll try and make it!” and deep down you know they won’t.

Or the person who states they’ll meet you at a certain time and always show up late.

And if you’re a habitual liar, even if it seems like minor lies or you constantly don’t commit to your actions, another person may no longer trust the things that come out of your mouth.

So ensure your video (the behaviours you display) is in sync with your audio (the words you speak).

2. Collaboration

Have a collaborative approach to relationships.

Creating and working towards common goals and having joint approaches to getting there can help to build trust.

It’s sharing a belief that working together will result in a good or better outcome.

Equally, when you have a shared or a common set of values, you’re more likely to trust another person and they’re more likely to trust you.

I’ve written an article which was published in Thrive Global that touches upon values and whilst it’s written in the context of romantic relationships, it can be applied across the board. You can check it out here: ‘Why The Relationship With Yourself Sets The Bar For Dating Success’

3. Always Be Honest

There’s the saying “honesty is the best policy.”

And at times, we may not want to tell the truth, because we don’t want to hurt another person’s feelings or we’re worried about how they might respond to something we say or have done.

We might want to protect them or avoid trouble. However, not telling the truth can be more damaging than it seems.

You may harbour feelings of guilt, resentment, stress and other low vibration energetic frequencies that start to eat away at you.

And there’s also the risk that the other person may find out you lied or you wasn’t open about your feelings and then they’ll be bigger implications.

The more a person doubts your honesty, the less trustworthy you will become.

There are ways to communicate effectively, empathetically and at the same time be honest.

Here are links to my Making Moves Motivation videos that will help you with this: ‘How to HAVE DIFFICULT CONVERSATIONS’ and ‘How to HANDLE “MISTAKES”’

4. Give and Take

Healthy relationships have a blend of give and take.

When you focus on another person for their sake and help them, even if it provides no benefit to you, it builds trust.

This is authentic kindness and kindness doesn’t cost a thing!

So find ways to be a giver!

Give for the pleasure of giving and because it makes your relationships run more easily and smoothly. Be a giver because you see that something needs doing and you know you’re able to help without conditions and expectations.

Live a life of giving because you truly support and care about the other person.

My ‘How to SHOW EMPATHY’ Making Moves Motivation video, is another one to check out that can help you with being a giver! Watch here: ‘How to SHOW EMPATHY’

Because your greatness isn’t what you have, it’s what you give!

As the Dalai Lama is quoted as saying:

“Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them”

If you would like tips and strategies on how you can achieve your relationship goals, simply click the ‘Download Now’ button below to get access to my FREE eBooks.

I hope you found this article insightful. I would love to hear your thoughts on it! What does trust mean to you? Did someone break your trust and were you able to rebuild this with them? Do you consider yourself to be trustworthy? Simply click ‘like’ and please do let me know in the comments box below. 

Also, why not consider sharing this article with those you know who could benefit from reading this too? After all #SharingIsCaring

Are you finding it difficult to trust others? Would you like personal assistance to build and keep trust? If so, I’d be more than happy to help you! All you have to do is CLICK HERE and we can chat more about this!

With Love

Teresha, The Confidence Restyler™ Xx

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