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I AM Radiant Health & Vitality!

I AM Radiant Health & Vitality!


Have you ever taken a moment to think about how you ask for good/improved health for yourself, whether this be physically, mentally or emotionally?

Are you asking for this “TOWARDS” the good/improved health you intend to attract?

Or are you focusing on the “negative situation?” 

What exactly do I mean?

Well, let’s look at an example. What sounds the better of these two requests?

  • “Release me from all of this pain and suffering I’m going through right now”
  • “Thank you for the health and powerful healing energy that is filling me at this moment. I revel in my well-being and I am grateful for it.”


Would you agree that the 2nd request sounds better and more positive?

The 2nd request is aligned with the energy that is in harmony with healing. This is the energy that attracts health, whereas the 1st request only focuses the energy on the illness.

Therefore, it is important to allow your mind and body to become best friends.

How can you do this?

By asking for what you want in the positive, towards how you want your well-being to be. This will strongly attract it to you, simply because you are being intentional and focused with the words you’re using, as you express your desired outcome.

“Aargh, but I’m not getting any younger!”

  • Is your health in the future a huge worry to you?
  • Do you fret about getting old and weak, becoming reliant on other people and becoming sick?


In his audiobook, ‘The Secrets of the Power of Intention,’ the late Dr. Wayne Dyer, internationally renowned author and speaker in the field of self-development explains how a study was carried out on the difference in people over the age of 70 who get sick against the people over the age of 70 who do not get sick much.

Would you like to know the BIG discovery???

You see, the one variant that seemed to separate those who spend a lot of time in sickness over the age of 70 against those who don’t, was what those people thought when they were in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s. If their belief system was that when you get old you get sick and you weaken, then this seemed to support why they spent more time in sickness!

So, I now invite you to spend some time to take a close look at your health. Can you list up to 3 negative beliefs you have about your health (e.g. you have to weaken as your body gets older)?

If you don’t take that negative, limiting belief system on, you will have a different way of connecting your mind with your body.

Remember, your body is the only place you have to live for the rest of your life. When your mind and body are positively connected, health just isn’t one of the things you think about getting worse. It’s not something you put a lot of focus on. Plus, you definitely don’t talk about all the things that are going on in your body that you don’t like, unless you want those things in your body to continue in the ways that you talk about them. 

Instead, hold your vision on being fit, healthy and well and shout from the rooftops with absolute belief:



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With Love

Teresha, The Confidence Restyler™ Xx


DISCLAIMER: This article is designed to only offer health and well-being information and support of a general nature. It is not a replacement for medical, physical, psychological or emotional care and treatment. Please seek professional care if you desire advice and/or believe you may have a medical condition. Before starting any exercise or diet regime you should consider consulting a qualified fitness or sports adviser or your doctor to ensure the regime is suitable for you.




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