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5 Reasons To Laugh More

5 Reasons To Laugh More

Have you laughed today???

It’s said that laughing is one of the best form of medicines!

It genuinely makes us feel better and feeling better is good!

Particularly for me, I love a good ol’ belly laugh. Also, I’m the type of person who can laugh out loud at one of my own jokes randomly long after it happened.

Many people don’t know that laughing has actually been scientifically proven to be beneficial for your health physically, emotionally and socially.

However, let’s get one thing straight… We really do need to make a judgement call on when it is appropriate or not appropriate to laugh.

Have you ever thought about how it also requires precise timing?

If someone shares a joke with you and you don’t laugh till 10 seconds later, you might have silenced the moment! #Buzzkill

I’m not here to encourage any type of laughter that is intentionally mean or directly or indirectly hurtful about another person, even if you’re laughing behind someone’s back.

Though I do acknowledge we’re human and we might slip up and laugh at someone who for example trips up royally whilst walking on the street.

And most people have watched a clip on social media of someone falling from their bike, or some other unfortunate situation and have undoubtedly laughed.

No matter how much sympathy you may have for the person, or how empathetic you are, it will have been hard to stop a giggle.

It’s great to catch a joke, let’s just do our best to ensure it’s from a place of true bliss.

So let’s now look at 5 REASONS TO LAUGH MORE:

1. Social Interaction & Bonding

As reported in the BBC News, Robert Provine, a psychologist from the University of Maryland, found we actually laugh most when talking to our friends, rather than at jokes and humour.

In fact, we’re 30 times more likely to laugh at something when we are with other people.

Intriguingly, within these conversations, we’re still not laughing at jokes. We laugh at statements and comments that do not seem on the face of them to be remotely funny.

It’s a form of communication, not a reaction, which we use to show people that we like them and that we understand them.

Therefore, a healthy sense of humour can bond people and reinforces group identity.

Interesting eh?

2. Makes You Healthier

Scientists tell us that laughter lowers blood pressure, reduces stress hormones and increases muscle flexion.

It increases the circulation of antibodies in the blood stream and makes us more resistant to infection.

3. Makes You More Attractive

One study of personal ads found that both men and women specified a sense of humour more frequently than intelligence, education, profession or sexual drive.

Another found that we rate strangers as more attractive if they laugh at our jokes.

Laughter can make you more comfortable and confident to be around in social situations. Thus allowing you to broaden your social circles.

4. Keeps Things in Perspective

Looking at the funny side allows you to see situations in a more realistic, empowering light.

Because it creates psychological distance, which can help you avoid feeling overwhelmed, thus putting problems and challenges into perspective.

You’ll then start to realise that things aren’t always as “bad” as they might seem. With this reframe of the mind, you’ll feel in a better place to cope with whatever you are facing and move to finding a solution.

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5. It’s Contagious

The BBC also reports that brain scans reveal that laughter is contagious.

You can see the brain responding to the laughter by preparing facial muscles to join in.

So this is a great opportunity to think of ways to improve someone’s mood by sharing a laugh with them. By doing so, you’re helping to them to also benefit from all of the other reasons for laughing that I have stated!

On a final note, sometimes we can take ourselves and life far too seriously and it’s good to just lighten up and have a good ol’ laugh!

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I hope you found this article enjoyable. I would love to hear your thoughts on it! Do you laugh daily? What makes you laugh?

Simply click ‘like’ and please do let me know in the comments box below. 

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With Love

Teresha, The Confidence Restyler™ Xx

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