Teresha Young - The Confidence Restyler™ - About Me
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About Me

Hi! I’m Teresha. A Public Figure, Online Author, Speaker and Accredited and Certified Relationship Master Coach.


Thank you for being here! I’m thrilled to meet you!


Known as ‘The Confidence Restyler™’, my passion, purpose and pure intention is to encourage, inspire, empower, uplift, motivate, educate and support as many people as I can in their lives and relationships.


I am deeply dedicated to guiding and empowering individuals and couples, seeking to improve upon and increase their level of optimism, satisfaction and happiness, so that they can have the fullness of love, life and relationships (be it romantic, family, friends, professional and acquaintance) that they truly desire and deserve!


I believe that developing healthy, fulfilling, loving relationships starts with knowing, trusting and loving yourself, which then sets the tone for any other relationships you have or will have in the future.


My S.A.F.E. In Love coaching programme, private 1:1 coaching, couple coaching and workshops, provide a holistic approach to living a healthy, self-loving way of life, which also empowers you in your relationships.


I feel compelled to go deeper and share with you some of my earliest and most formative stories. The story of who I am and why I do what I do. To find out more, click the ‘My Story’ button below:



But before you go, here’s a short and sweet bio:


I LOVE MY FAMILY! It’s all about them! And since becoming a first time mother in 2017 to my beautiful daughter, words alone cannot express how I feel for my little miracle of love! My entire family truly make my heart sing and are major part of my “why” – the reason I choose to be the best version of me!


I enjoy adventuring the world, meditating and being in nature.


I adore going to nice restaurants and stylish joints. In actual fact, I’m a bit of a foodaholic! Chinese is my favourite take-away food and Ribena is my all-time fave drink!


I appreciate all kinds of music and love listening to BBC 1Xtra, which I also plug into via DAB whilst driving in my car to nod my head along to.


I’m really into audiobooks, but sometimes you just can’t beat reading a good ol’ hardback book.


Visit my Coaching Boutique to learn more about my services.



Wishing you love, connection and happiness…

Teresha, The Confidence Restyler™