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Work With Me

Diamond Clarity Programme


Do you feel your relationship is failing?


Are you silenced because you’ve lost your “voice” and confidence in expressing yourself?


Do you feel alone, vulnerable and that something is missing?


Has the trust gone?


Are you sick and tired of being taken for granted?


Are you feeling rejected?


Do you feel stuck and confused?


Are you heart-broken?


I hear you and I understand on a very deep level. I was once there too…


Now, as an Accredited and Certified Master Coach, my 12 week Diamond Clarity coaching programme has been created to show women who are experiencing a disconnection with their partner, how to reconnect with who they are and find confidence within themselves (a.k.a. restyling a diamond-dazzling relationship with themselves), in order to have the means to rescue and repair their relationship with their partner.


“Beneath your feet are acres of diamonds”



The journey towards having a fulfilling relationship with your partner starts with you getting crystal clear on what you really desire in your life and your relationship. It starts with you understanding yourself, which isn’t always as easy as you might think, if you’ve never really spent much time thinking about it.


I want to let you know that I have a very clear goal for you and anyone else I work with. This goal is to help you to achieve your desired growth in your relationship through you having a blueprint to a very healthy, loving relationship.


As soon as you join the Diamond Clarity programme, you are provided with numerous tools, skills and information that can radically help you make the changes in your relationship that you desire and these are proven to be extremely successful when taught.


You may not have realised this, but you have put a layer on top of your diamond and by the end of the 12 week Diamond Clarity Programme, you will no longer be a “diamond in the rough”. You will be strong, well-polished and refined.


By identifying the concrete tools you need to propel yourself to a point of diamond clarity, you will step into your confidence and will be doing what fits with the greatest version of you, custom-made by you, based on my secret weapon: ‘The 4C’s Blueprint™’:


  • Carriage: You’ll identify the attitudes and emotional baggage you’re “carrying” around
  • Connection: You’ll enhance your awareness, recognition and appreciation of your authentic, true self and understand how you control your own personal effectiveness
  • Communication: You’ll build the intimacy between you and your partner through enhancing your personal effectiveness with assertive and empathetic communication and influencing techniques, so you are confidently in control when dealing with your partner and situations
  • Ceremony: You’ll understand how to create solid routines that will help you achieve your long term goal


The successful application of ‘The 4C’s Blueprint’ will result in you bringing more of you to the table in your relationship. You will finish the programme knowing your real identity, your real strength and your real values, so you have the means to define what true love means, turn your relationship around and deeply reconnect with your partner using my proven ‘L.U.C.K. Formula™’.


This programme is for you if:


  • You realise that it’s not too late to rescue and repair your relationship, but you need to take action now!
  • You are open to receiving strategies to start the reconnection process with your partner
  • You are seeking clarity on what aspects of your relationship could be improved
  • You can forget what you think you know about managing relationships
  • You are looking for a high-quality, caring, exciting, meaningful relationship based upon results, rather than empty promises
  • You desire to be happy and fulfilled
  • You are prepared to be flexible on how you approach and interact with your partner
  • You are ready to be true and honest with yourself about yourself and the problems in your relationship, no matter how painful this may be at first
  • You are ready to get real about the pain and problems in your relationship
  • You are willing to take responsibility for what you bring to the table in your relationship and recognise that it is a new day


This programme is not for you if:


  • You are not willing to give 100% commitment to your rescuing & repairing your relationship
  • You expect overnight changes (investing in yourself and your relationship is an evolving lifestyle change)
  • You can’t stop any denial and can’t be completely honest about the current state of your relationship


What else is included?


Whilst much of the Diamond Clarity Programme is a self-learning comprehensive programme, what’s also included is a weekly private 1:1 coaching session with me over the 12 weeks. This is important because not only does it give us an opportunity to discuss your progress and for you to receive personalised advice, I know that one of the hardest elements of making a change in a relationship is having someone to be accountable to and this weekly session will help keep you accountable and on track so you can achieve the results you desire.


You’ll also have access to an EXCLUSIVE members only area on Facebook. Now I know relationships are a very personal and sensitive matter and understand that not everyone is open to discussing problems they are having widely with others. However, you are invited to join this non-judgemental group where we share advice, tips, strategies and where you can collaborate and interact with other incredible women who are experiencing or have experienced similar relationship problems as you.


On top of this, whilst new modules will be released to you weekly, you will also be sent extra inspirational content on a regular basis. Diamond Clarity is about you building a lifestyle where you have a positive, confident mindset and this programme has been created so that you are given regular guidance and advice to keep you motivated and inspired.


I understand that right now you may be a little fearful, but if you know that now is the time to embrace a new way of thinking, feeling and looking at yourself and your partner, then why not schedule a FREE Diamond Clarity Strategy Call, using the booking calendar below to discover if we are a good fit to work together?


In this powerful 60-minute FREE Diamond Clarity Strategy Call*, we will work together to:


Mirror: Look at where you are now and where you would like to be


Signal: Set challenging and achievable goals


Manoeuvre: Choose the best methods and define the steps to make it happen, release the handbrake and move forward!


If you are ready to make the commitment necessary to rescue and repair your relationship and bring more of you to the table, I encourage you to invest in yourself and book your FREE Diamond Clarity Strategy Call using the booking calendar below TODAY!


The price of staying in the same situation is so much worse than moving forward and as a coach, I can provide you with the support and means you need to turn your relationship around.


There is no time better than now for you to step into your confidence by restyling your way of life, resulting in you having a diamond-dazzling relationship with yourself and with your partner!


Looking forward to supporting and connecting with you!


Teresha, The Confidence Restyler™ Xx.


*Diamond Clarity Strategy Call is via a non-video internet-based call up to 60-minutes. No charge, no sales, no obligation. Just your time, energy and a valuable one-to-one conversation*